Preventative tower crane maintenance:

Dedicated to ensuring the safety of ​you and your staffAGR India Engineering provides comprehensive tower crane maintenance schedules on every crane in our fleet and every crane we sell. Our technicians will work with you to ensure your crane is operating safely and prevent costly emergency service. With a team of factory trained technicians, our inspections and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs are based on federal requirements. Our in-house electrician ensures that we are able to trouble shoot electrical issues, saving ​you money on sub-contractors.

Rental check-in / check-out inspections and repairs:

To ensure the safety of our customers we perform comprehensive rental inspections on all tower cranes that are checked-in or checked-out of our fleet. Before a rental tower crane arrives on site everything from structure and hardware to counterweights and block assemblies have been inspected.


Technical Service

In our house technicians and engineers can provide all services starts from transportation to assembly/disassembly as well as all other on-site operations, servicing and troubleshooting for all our construction products.

Also, In house, engineering, design & find the best layout of crane, bracing, tie back, design & fabrication, saddle beam, dismantling of tower crane from any height…

We strictly follow Manitowoc safety standards in all our construction sites as well as for our team’s internal training.

Inspection and Preventive Maintenance for Cranes

Maintenance, Inspection and Thorough Examination of Tower Cranes